Gemini Ireland - school to school, child to child


Gemini Ireland assists with the development of education in the Developing World.

We link up schools in Ireland with schools in Africa and Asia and help the schools to strengthen this link. The schools involved with Gemini Ireland at present are:


Gemini Ireland’s aims are

  1. To assist in the development of education in the Developing World
  2. To create an awareness of the needs of the people in the Developing World
  3. To gain an understanding of world cultures.

The Irish schools raise money for their twin schools and all schools participate in a cultural exchange of projects and letters.

Gemini Ireland also runs a workshop and a debates competition for Irish schools involved in the project. These activities help to create an awareness among Irish students of the problems facing the Developing World and to broaden their knowledge of African and Asian cultures.

Recent Events:

Gemini Ireland on the Worldwise Website

Information on Gemini Ireland has been posted on the Irish Aid Worldwise Website in a case study. Click here to follow the link.

Christmas Bazaar 2009

Tullamore College held a highly successful Christmas Bazaar and raised over €7,000 for their twin school, Balawoli Secondary School in Uganda. Thanks to all the Tullamore businesses which supported the event.